The 2022 National Resource Directory Campaign is Live!

Date of Alert: 
Sunday, December 26, 2021

As the end of this year approaches, consider donating to support those inside with a gift to PARC. This year, we are excited to announce that a donor has offered a DONATION MATCH UP TO $2,000 toward the publication of our 2022 National Resource Directory. Every dollar you give will be MATCHED up to $2,000, with a total goal of $5,000 so we can print enough copies to get us through the full year.

As many of you know, getting access to information is one of the biggest challenges for people who are locked up in cages. Educational resources, up-to-date information about how to protect oneself from COVID, and the ability to connect with support from the outside world is endlessly limited inside prisons and jails. This is why PARC has published the National Resource Directory for over 25 years – in order to get info to the people toward positive change inside each one of us, and for our larger community.

“I’ve been down 36 years… Your response to me re-ignited my hope that the outside is still alive and ready to fight along with us”

PARC is run by a small core of veteran volunteers – COVID has challenged us, as everyone, in unexpected ways. We continue to receive mail from facilities near and far at a relentless volume. We have been in direct contact with as many of the listed organizations we can in order to make sure our info is up to date and accurate with the changing times.

Support the 2022 PARC Directory Campaign today!

Our friends inside tell us that the Directory gives them hope and direction toward making their time inside as useful as possible. We have linked innocent people up with organizations who have facilitated their release! Individuals granted parole tell us that the educational resources they found through PARC were cited by the parole board positively. Many write to us and share that our personal responses, with extra resources responsive to individual requests, bring hope and solidarity in places of intense darkness.

This small but mighty info packet has a huge impact on thousands of lives.

“I shared this Directory with over 15 people - everyone loves it - could I have another copy to share?”


$1 prints and mails a single directory, which is typically shared with 5-10 people

$10 buys PARC 150 large envelopes for the directory and personalized responses

$75 prints a box of directories to one of our small, grassroots partner organizations

$100 gets us a new toner for our printer

PARC has also facilitated expanded partnerships with the Prison Literature Project, Book 'Em, Liberation Library, Midwest Pages to Prisoners, Big House Books, and Appalachian Book Project to distribute our materials along with book packets all across the country, especially in places with less advocacy resources available to incarcerated community members. This year we are hoping to raise enough money to sponsor these smaller organizations so they don’t need to spend their own limited resources on copies of the PARC Directory, but can slip the directory into the book packet for a streamlined distribution method.

We need you, our supporters, to help us make it happen! Will you donate to help print the 2022 PARC Directory? Any amount makes a difference in the lives of those on the inside. Please follow this link to contribute to the campaign and share with your friends and allies to help us to reach our goal.