Join PARC in Helping to Print the 2020 Directory Campaign!

Date of Alert: 
Tuesday, August 11, 2020

PARC is inspired by the global attention to the Movement for Black Lives and stands in solidarity with the efforts to #defundthepolice and against racial injustice everywhere. With each 26-page resource directory we mail out, we include positive news of the social awakening for justice happening throughout our communities. Now is the time to get the word out by supporting our 2020 printing!

PARC is very grateful for all of the new (and sustaining) donors who have independently found and supported us in these historic times. Your support has facilitated expanded partnerships with the Prison Literature Project, Book 'Em, Liberation Library, Midwest Pages to Prisoners, Big House Books, and Appalachian Book Project to distribute our materials along with book packets all across the country, especially in places with less advocacy resources available to incarcerated community members.

As you likely know, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit prisons worse than anywhere else in the country. In addition to the irreparable damage of the virus itself, the accompanying lockdowns have made information distribution difficult. Educational programming is unavailable, libraries are closed, mail delivery is even more difficult, and in-person prison visits have been stopped indefinitely.
In response, PARC is working in partnership with the Prison Advocacy Network to distribute a COVID-19 litigation guide for California-based individuals to seek their own release. Demand for our directory has never been higher and we anticipate shipping over 20,000 copies this year nationwide.

We have re-organized the directory to make it even more user friendly to a national audience and are launching our 2020 fundraising campaign to print this year's edition of the only free national resource directory for prisoners in this country.

We need you, our supporters, to help us make it happen! Will you donate to help print the 2020 PARC Directory? Any amount makes a difference in the lives of those on the inside. Please follow this link to contribute to the campaign and share with your friends and allies to help us to reach our goal.