The Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents

The Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents provides services in four components. (1) The Information component includes publications and audio-visual materials free of charge to prisoners, their children and their families; and provides advice to groups of incarcerated parents and family members. (2) The Educational component provides materials and holds parent education training for parents in the criminal justice system. A correspondence course in parent education is offered free of charge to incarcerated parents. (3) The Family Reunification component has about 60 service projects to help prisoners and their children maintain a relationship. (4) The Therapeutic Component provides therapy for incarcerated mothers and their infants and young children. They also publish the following materials: Information for Families, a CCIP brochure; The Booklist for Children of Prisoners; The CCIP Family Contracts Package; What About the Kids?  An Information Sheet for Arrested Parents; Selecting a Temporary Caregiver for Your Child; and When Incarcerated Parents Lose Contract with Their Children.

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