The PrisonArte website was originally started to assist artists who worked with the website owner's husband at the same facility in which he is serving a 25-year sentence. The website has now been opened up to other artists throughout the U.S. PrisonArte's application process is crucial to get to know the artist and add them to PrisonArte's website and introduce the artist to the world. PrisonArte wants people to want to buy art from YOU. They offer this online venue by collecting a very small fee on each sale. The quality of every piece is inspected and approved in order to put on PrisonArte's stamp of approval. When PrisonArte ships a piece to a customer, they are able to guarantee the quality as well as cover any expense if a customer decides they are unhappy and want to return it. To obtain the 7-page prison artist application packet, a pre-addressed stamped envelope (1 Forever stamp) must be included.

Incarcerated artists interested in applying, please write to us and include a self addressed prepaid envelope to be considered.

Phone Number: 
(970) 703-4003
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