A Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual

The 9th edition of A Jailhouse Lawyer's
Manual is $30 if shipped directly to
prisoners; $105 for all others. It is also
available for free download from website.
Topics include habeas corpus, PLRA, civil
rights claims (Section 1983), disciplinary
proceedings, AIDS, immigration, and parole.
9th edition of the Immigration & Consular
Access supplement available. The Spanish
Jailhouse version is $15 for prisoners; $30
for all others. Please send check or money
order to above address. PLEASE
NOTE: JLM cannot provide legal advice to
prisoners; JLM cannot discount our
publications any further.prisoners; JLM
cannot discount our publications any further;
and JLM do not have used copies to
distribute. If you would like to order the JLM
but are unable to purchase one, please
inquire with your prison law library to see if
they will order one.

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