Volunteer for PARC

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with PARC. We have several different and exciting projects going on, so there are plenty of places to put your energy. We need your help to make our work happen! Please note that volunteers are based in Oakland, CA and work primarily at our office. If you are not in or near Oakland and want to contribute, consider donating (all donations go toward mailing directories to prisoners) and we also encourage you to consult our prisoner support directory and find an organization in your area.

Prisoner Support Project: Answer mail from prisoners; send resource packets to prisoners, family members and activists who request them; answer specific questions on phone or email; identify prisoner-organizers and develop relationships with them; document self-reported human rights abuses; and initiate media and activist campaigns on behalf of prisoners. Answer phone calls from family members, the public and journalists; organize mail and library.

Website: Update content; research statistics/information; verify links; help develop new sections. We especially love technically-minded individuals who have some understanding of drupal and would like to contribute to our website, but we appreciate both technical and non-technical help. 

Research and Materials: Fact-check and update our prisoner support and resource directories; enter data from PSP letters; update current fact sheets and web content; Research possible alliances with service providers (lawyers, doctors, etc).

Development: Work on fund raising and grant writing.

Outreach and Public Education: We work with numerous groups in the SF Bay Area and nationally to organize public forums, film showings, and demonstrations. Through these events, PARC has both raised awareness of crucial issues and helped strategize toward building a coherent, effective mass movement. If you would like to get involved with PARC to do tabling, put on events and discussions, or help build community collaborations, please contact us.

Please call us at 510-893-4648 for more information.

The quickest way to get involved is to fill out our volunteer form found below.