The Prison Activist Resource Center has a ten-year history as an all-volunteer, grassroots organization based in Oakland, CA. We are very often the first outreach contact for several thousand prisoners and their families every year. Each directory costs approximately $1.50 to produce and send. With thousands of requests per year, it adds up. Here is what your donation would help PARC do:

  • $12 pays for the printing of 10 directories

  • $30.50 covers enough stamps for 50 directories

  • $80.00 covers the phone bill for one month to talk with and provide resources to families and loved ones of prisoners

  • $110.00 will pay for our PO Box in order to maintain communications with prisoners effectively.

Your donation counts, and every single dollar helps. All donations to PARC are tax-deductible and are made through our fiscal sponsor, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children. Thanks for your support!

By Credit Card

If you want to donate by credit card, make a donation to PARC through our Click & Pledge account:


Donate to PARC via Credit Card


By Check

If you want to donate to PARC by check, please make the check payable to LSPC/PARC and send the check to:

PO Box 70447
Oakland CA 94612

By Bitcoin or Ethereum

If you want to donate to PARC by Bitcoin or Ethereum, email us for a one time address.