Annual Campaign to Print the 2015 Resource Directory

Date of Alert: 
Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Over the past year, we were able to answer the 90+ requests we receive a week and send out over 4,500 copies of our 2014 Resource Directory to prisoners and their families all across the country.
We have also completed our 2015 Resource Directory and are excited to announce our Indiegogo campaign to print the 2015 PARC Resource Directory! Our collective is ready to send the directory to the presses and onwards to those who need it, but we need you, our supporters, to help us make that happen.

Will you donate to help print the 2015 PARC directory?
The ACLU National Prison Project recently announced that they will no longer send their prison resource directory out. This means that PARC now has the only free, national resource directory for prisoners in this country. Our printable PDF of the directory is downloaded and mailed out by organizations and family members as well. As our thanks to you for your invaluable support, we have put together a few excellent perks to share. You can get a set of cards with prisoner and other radical art, such as the one featured here by Erik Reuland. We also have several donated copies of For Love and Liberty, a book of 80 original art pieces by political prisoner Tom Manning.
 Prison is an extremely isolating place, and it can be very difficult to obtain information from the outside. The PARC Directory lists over 150 organizations that provide education, heath, and religious information, so that people can use their time inside effectively, to better themselves, prepare for release, and work toward rehabilitation.

Please follow this link to contribute to the campaign and share with your friends and allies to help us to reach our goal. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!