Community Townhall with Plan for A Safer Oakland


Saturday, October 17th 10am – 1pm

At Metwest High School 314 E. 10th Street, across from Laney College in OAKLAND


A COMMUNITY TOWNHALL about a Plan for a Safer Oakland.

COME SHARE YOUR IDEAS about how we can work together toward a SAFER OAKLAND.




n      Wheelchair Accessible

n      FREE Lunch & FREE Childcare

n      FREE parking or Shuttle from Lake Merritt BART


**Sponsored by Plan for a Safer Oakland; a community collaboration organized by All of Us or None and Critical Resistance


To make Oakland safer, we need:


1-More reentry services for people coming back from prison -- Ban the Box:

Stop discrimination against people with past convictions. Expand reentry

support services. Provide transportation waivers & vouchers for tuition



2-Investment in people, not police and prisons -- Fund schools & programs

instead of jails. Stop the Three Strikes law. No collaboration between

Oakland Police and ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement). End the curfew

against people on probation & parole.


3-To STAND UP for Oakland's youth -- No Oakland youth to California Youth

Authority. Adopt the Bill of Rights for Children of Incarcerated Parents.

Fund community-based programs and copmmunity centers.