Courts order Gov. Brown to Comply

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Courts order Gov. Brown to Comply - Time to Increase the Pressure!



On April 11, 2013, federal judges threatened Gov. Jerry Brown with contempt charges.They gave him 3 weeks to create a serious plan to comply with the Eighth Amendment and reduce the prison population by 9000 human beings this year.

California is at a crossroads and together we can push it in the right direction.

We want the governor to submit a plan that includes retroactive sentencing reform and proactive parole reform; a plan that brings home lifers, parents, rapidly aging and medically fragile prisoners, and further reduces the women's prison population.

We don't want a plan that continues to push the crisis onto the counties, sending more people to county jail and forcing taxpayer funds into costly new jail construction projects.

We've made it easy for you to weigh in with your elected representatives. Click here to send your letter now.

As you know fear-mongering in the media has played a big role in getting us into the current crisis. Please let media outlets know you support real public safety solutions not more prisons and jails. Click here to send a letter to newspapers in your area.


For an excellent overview of what's been brewing between Gov. Brown and the courts see this recent article in the The Atlantic: California's Prison Crisis Is Now a Constitutional Crisis  



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