Defend & Free Political Prisoners in North America

Date of Alert: 
Thursday, April 24, 2014

2014 North American Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) Conference

People engaged in support work for political prisoners/prisoners of war from across North America will be gathering together this September to create new strategies for freeing our imprisoned comrades and to figure out ways to strengthen existing efforts. We need help from everyone who wants to see our comrades walk free to make this crucial yearly gathering happen this fall! We need $7000 to pull off this year's conference!

If you prefer to send a check or money order, please contact us at for details on how to do so.

What will your money pay for? The conference facility, food for participants, airfare and other travel expenses for those who otherwise couldn't attend, and other conference expenses. We need approximately $2000 for the space, $1500 for food, and $3500 for travel.

Who will your money benefit? Although the conference is being organized by Denver Anarchist Black Cross and other activists within the North American ABC network, it is not just about supporting anarchists. The prisoners that folks in this network support come from a broad spectrum of movements and struggles: Black/New Afrikan liberation, eco/animal rights, anti-repression, anti-imperialist, anti-war, Puerto Rican independence, Indigenous prisoners, etc. We recognize that prisoner support is an important fight within the broader war against the prison-industrial complex and the state, and we work to free all political prisoners and prisoners of war.

Why is this conference important?

We have held this conference annually for the past three years. Each year, we leave with stronger connections, a deeper commitment to liberating our captured comrades, and stronger campaigns for supporting and freeing them. Some of the projects that have come from these conferences include:

-new ABC Chapters

-ABC Medical Justice Group

-Free in 2016 Amnesty Group

-Emergency Response Network

-Packaging/distributing 4Struggle Mag

-Post-release funds for the Tinley Park 5 and Coyote Sheff

-Private database of PPs/POWs to help coordinate their defense/support needs

-The Tilted Scales Collective (producing a set of guides for political defendants and their lawyers)

-VCAP (Visitor’s Connection to Anarchist Prisoners) (setting up a fund for visiting anarchist prisoners)

Please donate today and help us strategize ways to fight for—and win—our comrades' freedom.