Demand Justice for Oscar Grant and All Arrestees..

In the wake of the brutal murder of Oscar Grant by Bart Police
Officer Johannes Mehserle on New Years Day, thousands gathered in
Oakland on January 7th in order to pour their outrage into the streets.
The Oakland uprisings that followed showed the spirit and anger not
just to this officer and bart police, but to the entire system,
especially targeting police and corporate power.  The community of
Oakland understands that racism and brutality accompanies the current
system, and are organizing against it.   Police  repression that
accompanied the uprising lead to over 100 arrests, with a large number
being young people of color.  During the Wednesday that followed
another riot lead to 26 more arrests. Unfortunately many of the youth
arrested are not part of regular activist channels and are thus hard to
locate and ensure safety and adequate support.

PARC supports the O100 Support Committee, formed to assist
with locating all of the arrestees, create a defense fund, and
participate in the campaign to drop all charges for the O100. If you have any information concerning any of the arrested who have not been in contact with legal support please call the national lawyer's guild at 415-285-5067. email if you are interested in helping with a legal fund or arranging events to raise money for the arrestees.

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Coalition Against Police Execution

No Justice,No Bart
ad hoc committee of community organizers and activists
mobilizing people to TAKE ACTION on behalf of to the struggle for
justice for Oscar Grant and ALL victims of police violence.

blog with helpful calendar of events


by POC Anarchists

Minister of Information for POCC, JR interviewed here.