Donate to Support the 2018 PARC Directory!

Date of Alert: 
Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Its Giving Tuesday and we are excited to announce our 2018 Campaign to print the PARC Resource Directory!
PARC is a small grassroots collective that is committed to the free distribution of information to prisoners across the country. In order to print 20,000 copies of our directory, and make it accessible online to those of us on the outside, we need YOU! Our budget is exactly what it costs to print and maintain the Resource Directory every year. In a world where many of the big-name nonprofits run budgets in the millions (and have quit updating their prisoner directories), trust that we are doing the most with the least.

It costs about $1 for every directory we send out. This means that for every dollar you donate, one person will receive our 24 page directory and will share with at least 5-10 others, based on what folks inside tell us. It is humbling to put the power of potential in the hands of so many. The more $$ we raise, the more we will print!

Donate to PARC today!

Our annual campaign helps us raise needed funds to print the Winter 2018 National Prisoner Resource Directory. We are almost completely out of the 2017 edition, which means that all 20,000 from our last print run have gone into the hands of people who who are using them to improve themselves.

While we have managed to increase our readership nearly every year, thanks to our donors and our partnership with the Prison Literature Project in Berkeley, CA, we have also been met with resistance. In the last year alone, our informational directory has been rejected by prison officials in Georgia, Florida, and Pennsylvania, for the "potential" to be disruptive to prisoners. This is happening alongside budget cuts to needed education and programming opportunities in the very same places. We need your support to assert all of our First Amendment rights to share information with prisoners, and make sure they have the access to information and rehabilitative materials they deserve.
We believe every individual is better than the worst thing they have done - and deserves the opportunity to better themselves.
Will you join us?

Did you know that three out of five people in U.S. prisons have trouble reading? Resources like the PARC Directory open doors for those who are incarcerated, providing resources that our governments are not willing to provide, such as access to free books to prisoners programs, educational materials, and other rehabilitative correspondence programs. If you agree, we encourage you to become a recurring donor, so that you can continue to support PARC year-round.

This year, we are expanding our directory to include more Spanish-language resources, and more organizations who serve immigration detainees and those subject to deportation after serving their time. In the current climate where there is so much negative energy around immigration, we want every person who is incarcerated to know that they are not alone, and that we are out here supporting them in their journey to serve their time and rejoin society. 

Please follow this link to contribute to the campaign and share with your friends to help us meet - or beat - our goal!
Peace and Solidarity,