End the Shackling of Pregnant Women

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

End the Shackling of Pregnant Women

No More Shackles


Strong Families

No more shacklesUrge Governor Brown to put an end to the shackling of pregnant women in California's jails and prisons. 

Dear Supporter,

Governor Brown could sign a bill today that would end the shackling of pregnant women in California. Doctors, human rights advocates, and many prison officials agree that the practice is unnecessary and barbaric, and there is a nationwide effort to end it.

Several Strong Families partners, including Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, the ACLU of Northern California, the Center for Young Women’s Development, along with their allies, have been working for three years to make this happen.  The bill they have been working on, AB2530 (Atkins) has passed both houses of the California Legislature with unanimous, bipartisan support.

We hope you will join us in letting the Governor know how critical it is that this practice end now.  The bill has no cost and no public opposition.   Please take one minute to send an email to the Governor and let him know where you stand—with us, and for the end of the shackling of pregnant women.

All our best,

Eveline Shen, Strong Familie

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