Activist & former SHAC 7 prisoner Andy Stepanian tells his personal
story of standing up to one of the worlds largest contract animal
testing labs, being charged with “terrorism” for his efforts, and
serving 3 years in a federal prison. To learn more about the SHAC 7
please visit

What if you closed your eyes & woke up a prisoner? What if you were
estranged from your family and labeled a convict? What if you lived
your entire life in a cage? What if you were convicted and imprisoned
for trying to set beings free from their cages? Our perspective is often
one of privilege and it can sometimes be hard for us to see the world
through an alternate lens. Andy Stepanian speaks about his personal
experiences and observations of others while incarcerated, a collection
of experiences that led him to determine that despite his shackled
circumstances he had never been as free as he was during that time.

Monday, June 28th at 7pm
Station 40
3030B 16th Street (at
San Francisco, CA

To learn more about Andy's
story you can watch his most recent interview on Democracy Now! at this
link -

Please support Kevin Kjonas, Andy's SHAC 7 codefendant who is
still incarcerated in Minnesota. Write him a letter or send him a book