FREE Margaret Moore after 30 years of imprisonment

Petition to Free Margaret Moore

To: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor State of California)


Margaret is 50 years old and has been incarcerated for nearly 30 years for her part in the death of her abusive husband. During the marriage to her abuser, Margaret suffered some of the most horrific physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. She was held captive by a dog chain around her neck and was often forced to beg for food on her hands and knees. She was fed in a metal dog dish. She was sexually assaulted with various objects including a broom stick, necessitating surgery to remove splinters from her intestines. Margaret suffered terrible beatings and constant ridicule, insults, and emotional torment. During her incarceration Margaret has been a model inmate and has participated in more than 50 inmate groups as well as intensive counseling and therapy.She has been judged to be a very low risk to society and has more than paid her debt for her involvement in the crime that finally freed her from a life of torture.

Please go to the petition here and sign it in support of Margaret Moore's parole.