Hanged man attempted suicide or prison scandal??

JUST SENT TO US FROM A MEMBER OF THIS SITE: Man in segregated unit attempts suicide; McNeil Island Corrections Center is covering up the fact that this is a direct result of Prison abuse and scandal not an attempted suicide.

[Tacoma], [WA],[Sep 18 2008]  –Leon Toney was locked alone in a cell at the medium-security prison's segregation wing when an orderly found him Thursday, unconscious with a bedsheet wrapped around his neck.Toney was locked alone in a cell at the medium-security prison's segregation wing when an orderly found him Thursday, unconscious with a bedsheet wrapped around his neck.[The McNeil Island Corrections Center has not giving the family any or very little answers have been provided for serious questions in terms of their procedures and how this could happen in a controlled environment. Keep in mind, this happened while Leon Toney was in isolation. This is a very secure process within the prison process. There are guidelines and procedures that regulate how this process should carried out. The Neil Island Corrections Center has all rights regarding the medical well being of this man. Several times family members were cohersed by (St Joseph Medical Centers Staff) into making an on the spot decision on “Pulling the Plug” and donate his organs without proper medical advice. At that time they were informed that his
condition was grim from a PA who isn’t certified to practice medicine in the state of Washington without supervision. [After her son was found, Valerie Toney said, it was other inmates, not prison officials, who broke the news to her. Text messages sent by inmates using phones smuggled into the prison poured into her phone, she said. But when she pressed for more information, prison staff members stonewalled her and Toney's other relatives. Valerie Toney said her son paid $500 to have a cell phone. That phone, she said, was the "serious contraband" that landed Toney in isolation. Van Boening disputed that assertion, saying that other contraband was found in the cell. He declined to say what guards uncovered.
[Valerie Toney said she believes her son was attacked by someone worried that he would reveal how he received the illicit cell phone as well as other illegal contraband.]

This incident took place two weeks ago the family of Leon Toney merciful pleads that the required agencies take expedient actions to their request

1. A full independent investigation by independent agencies of the incident reported “suicide attempt” of Leon Toney at McNeil Island Prison on September 19, 2008

2. A full independent investigation by an independent source of alleged official’s corruption prison abuse of inmates.

3. A complete release of Mr. Leon Toney to family The McNeil Island Corrections Center has granted him a compassionate release with supervised custody through medical furlough which means that if he makes any recovery he is placed back in the custody of those who have harmed him...] family seeking pardon, medical release, clemency what have you.

4. Department of Corrections continues to pay for Leon Toney Medical treatment& possible therapies, present and future.

5. After independent investigation corruptive persons or collective personals are founded, they will be persecuted to the fullest.

6. MC Neil Island to be reformed or to be completely closed.


Leon Plea for Justice
Point of Contacts Information:
Rene Matthews- Toney                                 Wife                                          253)-229-0240                                                                                                                              
DomainquieToney                                                                                                           family

Lanisha Toney Matthews


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[Update: the family has received overwhelming evidence such as letters, recordings pictures and more that their suspicions have been confirmed this is yet another prison abuse cover-up scandal.]