A young woman named Holly is being
prosecuted in Alameda County for an arrest that took place during the
January 14, 2009 Oscar Grant protests. She is asking anybody who
attended those protests to review their video or photos to see if they
have photos of the scene. She is also asking if anyone, who took
video/photos of both the January 7th and January 14th protests, would be
willing to share their footage, and possibly testify at trial about the
general atmosphere of the Oscar Grant protests.

I am an attorney, assisting in the representation
of a 23-year-old woman named Holly, who is facing felony charges in
Alameda County. On January 14, 2009, during the Oscar Grant protests,
at least fifteen police officers detained a group of four people,
including Holly, for wearing bandanas over their faces. As a direct
result of the encounter, Holly, is now facing trial on April 5th.

The events happened near the corner of 12th and Alice at around 5pm on
January 14, 2009. A legal observer has provided us with audio of his
observations at the scene. His audio mentions that a videographer was
present at the scene, and appeared to be videotaping. We are looking
for any video or photographs that may have been taken at the scene,
showing any interaction between Oakland police officers and the group of
five individuals (3 males, and one female) at this intersection, either
prior to or subsequent to their arrest.

In addition, a month
ago, at a previous hearing in Holly's case, an officer testified that
the violence that erupted at the January 7, 2009 Oscar Grant protests,
gave him reason to detain anyone wearing bandanas over their faces at
the January 14, 2009 protest. However, as many people who participate
in demonstrations will agree, people wear bandanas for many reasons, not
always to engage in violence. Conversely, people who engage in
violence at these demonstrations often don't wear masks.

this reason, in addition to any possible footage or photos of the arrest
at 12th and Alice, Holly is also asking if anyone would be interested
in sharing their video footage from both Oscar Grant protest dates (Jan.
7th & Jan. 14th) to help demonstrate for the jury the general
atmosphere of the Oscar Grant protests and the commonness of wearing
bandanas at demonstrations such as the Oscar Grant protests. As Holly's
defense team, we will do our best to adequately prepare anyone willing
to testify at trial.

If anyone is interested in assisting
with Holly's defense in either of these ways, please contact me as soon
as possible. You may contact me by email, as shown in this post, or you
may call me at (415) 864-5600. Trial is set to begin April 5th, so
time is of the essence.