Jeff "Free" Luers RELEASED!

Congratulations and welcome home Jeff!

Jeff Luers, who was sentenced to more than 22 years for burning SUVs in Eugene, has been released from prison. Kristian Foden-Vencil reports:

In 2000, Luers and Craig Marshall set fire to three big cars at a Eugene dealership to protest excessive consumption -- and to make a statement about global warming.

Marshall was sentenced to five and a half years, but because of an earlier conviction for attempted arson, Luers  drew a 22-year 8-month sentence -- longer than some people convicted for murder in Oregon.

After he appealed the sentence, the Lane County Circuit Court reduced it to 10 years. Then in October, the court signed a supplemental judgment reducing his prison time by an additional 30 percent.

Luers was released but then taken back into custody because correction officials had incorrectly assumed he was eligible for early release.

Now he's been released again after serving nearly eight-and-a-half years.