32 years in prison Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier went before the
Federal Parole Board on the 28th of July 2009. The Parole Board is
expected to render their decision within the 2-3 weeks. Phone calls,
faxes and letters are important and time is of the essence.

03 August 2009 Over a dozen countries around the world stood in
solidarity with Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier on Tuesday the 28th
of July. As Mr. Peltier stood before the Federal Prison Board for a
parole hearing vigils took place in France, England and the United
States marking a monumental and shameful moment in U.S. history. It had
been sixteen years since Mr. Peltier, who will be 65 years old on the
12th of November, had a parole hearing. As the hearing took place
inside, supporters including Mr. Peltier's family, friends and
long-time activists stood outside the Federal Prison in Lewisburg,
Pennsylvania demanding his release. Peter Matthiessen, Harvey Arden and
Jean Day were just a few of Leonard's longtime friends outside the
prison hoping for his release and organizing for his future. Many of
Mr. Peltier's supporters argue he has been sitting inside a prison for
over 32 years for crimes he did not commit. The story of the injustice
in his case was well documented in the Robert Redford film "Incident at
Oglala". The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee and Mr. Peltier's
advocates state now is the time to write to both President Barack Obama
and his wife Michelle Obama. President Obama's campaign permeated with
the idea that change is possible. The possibility that Mr. Peltier may
see the change from incarceration to freedom offers hope for a just
future. Please write to your congresspeople, state senators and the
White House. Time is of the essence. A decision on Leonard Peltier's
parole will take place in the next three to four weeks. Address all
correspondence personally and respectfully. Thank you! President Barack
Obama Michelle Obama 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, DC