Francisco "Cisco" Torres of the SF 8     COME TO COURT
Friday October 9, 9AM
850 Bryant St.
San Francisco,Ca

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Francisco Torres, 58, of New York City. Cisco was born in Puerto Rico and raised in New York City. He is a Vietnam Veteran who fought for the grievances of Black and Latino soldiers upon his return to the states. A former Black Panther, he has been a community activist since his discharge from the military in 1969. He worked with troubled youth up to the day of his arrest.

Freed on bail September 2007, Cisco is the sole defendant to still face charges. He has a court appearance Oct 9, 2009

Write to him c/o Committee for the Defense of Human Rights, P.O. Box 90221, Pasadena, CA 91109.

check out his support site at: http://www.freethesf8.org/who.html