Sign petition to stop injunctions in North Oakland

To:  Oakland City Attorney John Russo

In early March, Oakland Police and City Attorney John Russo filed a
civil injunction against up to 80 people in North Oakland, claiming they
were a "gang." These injunctions target Black and Brown youth, labeling
them "criminals" just for hanging out in groups, associating with
friends and family, being out after 10 p.m., or wearing certain
clothing. More injunctions are planned for other parts of the city, even
though the City Council hasn't approved them. The injunction allows
Oakland police to harass our youth, take their pictures and register
them as gang members based on their clothing and friendship circles. The
gang injunctions take away our civil liberties, turn our neighborhoods
into police zones, and push us out so rich people can move in. Gang
injunctions haven't decreased crime anywhere they've been tried
--they're just another way for police to target immigrants and other
people of color.

WE OPPOSE the gang injunctions planned for Oakland. WE OPPOSE racial
profiling. WE SUPPORT after-school programs, job programs, youth
centers, and alternatives to sending our young people to jail.

please go to to sign the petition.