Flozelle Woodmore wins a Soros fellowship

 This is an impressive honor for a formerly incarcerated survivor of domestic violence.

Flozelle Woodmore served 20 years of a life sentence for killing her abusive partner. In August 2007, after 10 parole hearings (and being found suitable six times) and a large, sustained campaign Woodmore was finally released from prison. She is among the few to have gained freedom after being sentenced to life in prison in California.

While in Central California Women’s Facility, Woodmore obtained her GED, completed a vocational certification program, assisted with creating a battered women group, and became a member of an initiative to support youth at-risk from becoming ensnared in the criminal justice system.  

Since her release, Woodmore has been active in advocacy campaigns with a range of local and statewide organizations, in an effort to reduce California's reliance on incarceration and harsh punishment. As a Soros fellow and working with “A New Way of Life,” Woodmore will organize friends and family members of people serving life sentences to advocate for change in the parole system.