I am writing to you because a young queer prisoner in the Federal
Prison system at La Tuna in New Mexico needs your support! Anthony
LaRue (85582-008) has been fighting to take care of his teeth for
many, many months now. He currently has only eleven (11) teeth with
NO contact points, making chewing nearly impossible. Tony has lost a
considerable amount of weight and can't chew his food properly,
leading to choking and gum bleeding. Often dental issues are not
taken seriously, but because of the decay in his mouth and the
inadequate care, the rest of his body is in danger of infection.
Support is needed now. Tony has been taken out to see the dentist
numerous times, but always 30 minutes before institutional recall,
making the work he needs done impossible. Mistreatment is common in
U.S. prisons, but Tony believes he is specifically being targeted
because of his sexual orientation. However, please do not make
reference to his queerness during calls, as he is attempting to keep
quiet so as to protect himself.

Please call the prison at 915.791.9000. Press 0 when asked if it is
in regards to an "inmate"
Once you reach a dispatcher ask to speak with the Unit Team for
Anthony LaRue (85582-008)
Inform the individual from the team, or the answering machine, that yo
are calling on behalf of Anthony LaRue and that you expect his dental
needs to be taken care of immediately. Because the institution has
not been providing appropriate medical care you believe he should be
seen by an outside dentist in El Paso, as has been done for other
prisoners. Remind them that this has been an issue for quite some
time and that you expect resolution immediately. Please remember to
be polite, but firm.

Please let me know if you made this phone call and what the outcome
was. If you carry particular credentials, this would be a great time
to use your privilege (I'm a lawyer, a clergyperson, a dentist,
medical student, etc.)

I also have information about more prisoners in need of support, so if
you would not like to continue getting these emails, please let me

In faithful struggle,


the thirteenth amendment did not abolish slavery, it just moved it to
the prison industrial complex. support the moratorium on
massachusetts prisons and jails.