Frustration over facilities

January, 2009
Location of Prisoner: 

Dear PARC,

I'm writing get some things straight.

Who's the comedian who sent the "standard minimum rules for treatment of Prisoners" ? Had to be a comedian because thats a joke. 


Seen 3 in a 6 by 9?

2. Medical? 

You're fucked.  Chronic Hep C patients get dogged. 
They can only give you 2 blister packs of Ibuprofin 800 twice a year for "acute" injuries. 
My partner had a compound fracture, was sent back because he wasn't dressed properly. 

3. Discipline?

Lets not go there. 
In short, I was tortured for 90 days, put in cells in winter, in a freezing cell, naked with nothing but a blanket. I was dehydrated,  given one bologna sandwich a day. My room was never cleaned. There was my own feces, blood and urine there for days.I was beaten badly, lost 33 lbs, denied medical help, and made to defecate in a foot basin 46 times in two days under a camera.

I just wanted you to know that I didn't even scratch the surface on the way things happen here.