GA Prisoner Abuse & Mail Tampering

January, 2011
Location of Prisoner: 

Dear PARC: Personnel at ___ detention center in Georgia are enforcing what rules they choose and denying people of their rights.  The mail is sifted for what they choose to be delivered or not.  My grievances and requests are ignored.  I have had an injury to my neck since early Dec 2010 and unable to get medical treatment.  Medial is dictated to by the authority of the Sheriff's Dept.  Deputies are present during inmate medical discussions- NO medical privacy.  Negligence by nurses and harassment by deputies in supervisory positions.  This is done by corporals and sergeants who hide their actions behind floor deputies.  Please contact me.  I have times, dates, names.  Speaking with facility personnel will not get the truth.  I would be grateful for any help or guidance you can provide.

ps...  This facility only allows generic white postcard correspondence only (unless the mail is clearly marked addressed from an attorney) otherwise they will not let me have it.