Native American spiritual practices violated

March, 2005
Location of Prisoner: 

Dear PARC,

I am not a lawyer or a para-legal or even an inmate prison lawyer, but I know when my religious rights are being violated. 

Here is a quick summary:

1. I had in May, 04 filed an inmate appeal to receive my Spiritual package from Kinnikinnick, Twist (tobacco products, non-cigarette/pipe) for American Indian religious purposes. Appeal was granted in June 04 and I did receive it.

2. May 11th, five days after the above appeal, CMF officials wrote a Memorandum stipulating one had to be a member of the Native American Spiritual Circle and have an approved card to be able to possess these religious items.

3. July 04, I filed an inmate appeal because CMF officials would not allow me to practice my daily prayers, offerings, and otehr ceremonies on the institutions yard. 

4. Aug. 4, I filed an inmate appeal to those stipulations made in that memo. The appeals coordinator has stamped this appeal as a duplicate and has rejected to lgo and process this appeal four times to this current date.

The products in the package are not used exclusively for just Sweat Lodge Ceremony smoking purposes but also in prayers, offerings, and other cerenmonies. 

The Americana Indians have not had a Spiritual Leader here in the 8 years that I've been here. All the other Faiths, have either a full time, a part time, or at least a volunteer for their spiritual leaders. I can you any and all the help you can give for me to fight this violation.