Prisoner Describes His Torture


These drawings were sent to us from a prisoner who is repeatedly tortured by the guards where he is held in a separate segregation unit.  Because he is a convicted sex offender of a child, the guards feel anything they do to him is justified. No one takes into account that this man himself was sexually abused by his own father for at least 7 years when he was a child. This is a classic profile of some sex offenders.

We are not excusing him. We think he needs some serious long time therapy as do most sex offenders. But, we are simply saying that there is never any excuse for torture. And as every prisoner or ex-prisoner knows what they do to him, they can and will do to the rest of us given any situation they decide could warrant such brutality or if they just feel like it.

He has filed a Title 42 Section 1983 federal civil rights action. He was subjected to pain,harassment, and extreme sleep deprivation continuously from May 10, 2011 until May 18, 2011. He stated that he was strip searched and placed in "excessive restraints," including two pairs of handcuffs, a security box with a chain and padlock for the handcufss, and leg shackles. His cell was tossed and strewn about each time this happened. And, it happened 170 times in those 8 days (that's once an hour!). The black and white drawings were included in that case. The color drawings represent his account of what happens to him. The words under those drawings are his paraphrasing from the prison manual on cell extraction procedures