Adams State University Prison College Program

Adams State University has a long history of offering print-based correspondence courses to incarcerated students in all states. The following undergraduate correspondence courses are offered: Anthropology, Art, Business, Counseling, Criminal Justice, Economics, Education, English, Geology, Health Care Administration, History, History/Government, Philosophy, Human Performance & Physical Education, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Women's Studies. In addition, the following graduate degrees are available: Associate of Arts-Business emphasis, Associate of Science-Business emphasis, Bachelor of Arts-Business Administration, Bachelor of Science-Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts-Sociology, Bachelor of Arts-English/Liberal Arts, Bachelor of Arts-Interdisciplinary Studies, Bachelor of Arts-Political Science, and Bachelor of Arts-History. Write for their packet of information.

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303-241-0550 or 1-800-548-6679
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