Education Justice Project

The Education Justice Project (EJP) is a comprehensive college-in-prison program at Danville Correctional Center in central Illinois. Students earn transferable University of Illinois credit. In addition, EJP publishes Mapping Your Future: A Guide to Successful Reentry,a 250-page reentry guide that is updated each year. The guide focuses on Illinois resources, but much of the information it contains is useful to people in other states. Hard copies are available for free from EJP and it is available for download. EJP also publishes Returning Home: A Guide to the Challenges and Opportunities after Deportation, a 50-page guide for people getting deported to Mexico and Central America. It is also available for free and online. EJP offers $1,000 scholarships to individuals with family members in prison and to students who have incarceration backgrounds. The funds can be applied to any accredited post-secondary institution. Applications are due each November 1.

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