Freebird Publishers

Offers prisoner titles such as Cell Chef Cookbook, Life With A Record, Start Thinking Outside Prison, Post-Conviction Relief series, Habeas Corpus Manual, and many books, guides, photos, and a wide variety of gifts, all made in the USA. Send a pre-addressed stamped envelope for their packet of color brochures. To see more best to order their 88-page color catalog send $5 and add $5 more for shipping with tracking. Produces Inmate Shopper (current issues always available), which is America's largest book of resources for inmate services plus many other sections of reading and entertainment. PARC recommends the Inmate Shopper because it reviews and rates many businesses that service inmates. Order online, by phone, by text, email or mail by sending a payment for $26.99 (including shipping & tracking) to the address listed. Accepts all facility checks, money orders, credit/debit cards, Venmo at @freebirdpublishers, Cash App at $freebirdpublishers,

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