Georgetown Law Journal Annual Review of Criminal Procedure

The Georgetown Law Journal Annual Review of Criminal Procedure (ARCP) is an annual law journel published in June or July with academic articles about criminal procedure. Cost is $25 if shipped directly to prisoners, $85 for all others. The ARCP is a single issue per year edition that provides readers with objective, concise and accurate overview of criminal procedure and recent case-law decisions in the United States Supreme Court and each of the 12 Federal Circuit Courts. The $25 discounted rate is only honored for orders sent directly to correctional facilities. Ask a friend or loved one to email them for the discounted order form, and have them mail it to you. Please make checks and money orders payable to: Georgetown Law Journals. Refunds are not available. Orders are shipped USPS, so please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Tax must be included if shipping to DC (5.75%), VA (5.0%), MD (6%), NY (7.0%), TN (7% state & 2.25% local) and PA (6.0% or 7.0% if sent to Philadelphia or Allegheny County.) New edition usually ships in the fall. Pre-orders for the new issue can be made in the spring, and old issues can be ordered anytime. Expect very long delays; Do not send money order or check without an order form.

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