Life Support Alliance

Addresses the needs and concerns of the lifer population and community, and assisting lifers in becoming suitable for parole and articulating that suitability to the Board of Parole Hearings. LSA offers a free monthly newsletter, and the quarterly California Lifer Newsletter with reviews of the latest published and unpublished state and federal cases concerning parole issues, parole board news, legislation and articles on prison, parole and correctional issues of interest to prisoners and their families. Each issue contains 50 - 70 pages. Subscription rates are: Inmates, $35 per year, $60 for 2 yrs, $90 for 3 yrs. Free individuals, $99 per year, $180 for 2 years. I would like to add that family members can become members for free and receive our monthly newsletter. Focuses on the California lifer popultion, but anyone can benefit from their information.

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