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Indictment of Ex-Official Raises Questions on Mississippi’s Private Prisons

JACKSON, Miss. — In 1982, Christopher B. Epps, a young schoolteacher, took a second job as a guard at the facility known as Parchman Farm, the only prison operated at the time by the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

Eventually he had to choose a path. “It worked out that I was making more as a correctional officer than as a teacher,” Mr. Epps would later recall in an interview for a corrections newsletter.

CCA admits to falsifying staffing records

by Joel Millman for the Wall Street Journal

The nation's largest for-profit prison operator, Corrections Corporation of America, has agreed to pay the Idaho Department of Correction $1 million to settle a dispute over staffing hours at the state's largest prison.

CCA's admission that it had understaffed the Idaho Correctional Center by thousands of man-hours in 2012 led to a government audit and contributed to several lawsuits by prisoners and prison employees, which claimed inadequate staffing resulted in unsafe conditions.

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