Resources: Regional Advocacy Organizations

PARC corresponds with and mails a directory of these resources to prisoners, their friends and family members. We are often the first point of contact for people to connect with prisoners' rights organizations, community organizations, prison literature and arts projects, family and visiting resources, health care and legal resources, parole and pre-release resources, and the prison abolition movement.

Download a PDF copy of the 2018 Resource Guide.

Resource Category
Mettanokit Outreach

Mettanokit is a non-profit learning center and service organization working for a more human society based on the old values of cooperation and equality and the closeness and caring found in our elder tribal societies. Part of their program is offering Native circles in prisons, with 10 of these circles currently in New England prisons. Description of these may be found in the book Ending Violent Crime. Descriptions of the Native American traditions that provide an understanding for much of this work may be found in the book Return to Creation. Write for further information and list of books for sale.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, New Hampshire
Middle Ground Prison Reform

Middle Ground Prison Reform has been working for Arizona's prisoners and their families since 1983. Their main areas of activity are: 1) public education about the need for criminal justice reform; 2) legislative advocacy on behalf of prisoners and their visitors; 3) litigation to protect and define the rights and responsibilities of prisoners and their supporters; 4) referral to community resources for ex-offenders. They do not publish a hard copy newsletter. Instead, they encourage friends and family of prisoners to visit their website and download and mail copies of pertinent information inside to prisoners. Serves people in Arizona only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Arizona
Mississippi Reentry Guide

This 196-page Mississippi Reentry Guide is intended to provide essential information and resources about services to ex-offenders and those that support them. Their goal is to ensure that those leaving incarceration will have an easier and more successful transition back into their community. Write to the above address for a copy.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Mississippi
Navajo Nation Corrections Project

A pioneer in the realm of prisoner advocacy, the Navajo Nation Corrections Project promotes Native inmates' dignity and recovery through access to civil rights and culturally appropriate religious rites.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Arizona
New York State Prisoner Justice Coalition

Publishes the New York State Prisoner Justice Network Directory, a free 16-page directory of over 100 New York justice and prisoner support organizations.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, New York
NJ Office of the Corrections Ombudsman

The Office of the Corrections Ombudsman provides a mechanism for the continuing resolution of issues, problems or complaints of state sentenced prisoners within New Jersey's Correctional System regarding their living conditions and treatment. Prisoners in NJ institutions may call the Ombudsman toll-free at 555-555-5555.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, New Jersey
Northeastern University Prisoners' Rights Clinic

This Northeastern University program represents state prisoners in Eastern Mass. in parole revocation, disciplinary, and classification hearings, as well as parole release hearings. Because this program is university-affiliated, it may not be staffed during transitional periods in the academic schedule.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Massachusetts
Oakland City University Prison Ministries Projects

Educational opportunities offered to inmates in the following Indiana facilities: Branchville Correctional Facility, Madison Correctional Facility, Miami Correctional Facility, Rockville Correctional Facility, Newcastle Correctional Facility and Indiana Women’s Prison. Degrees Offered: Associates and Bachelor's Degrees. Programs Offered: Associate in Applied Science in Culinary Arts, Food Service Mgt, Heating/Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Welding, Horticulture, Computer Technology, Business Administration, Human Services.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Indiana
Office on Returning Citizen Affairs

The Mayor's Office on Returning Citizen Affairs mission is to provide zealous advocacy, high-quality services, and up-to-date useful information for the empowerment of previously incarcerated persons in order to create a productive and supportive environment where persons may thrive, prosper and contribute to the social, political and economic development of self, family, and community. Publishes a 13-page guide, DC Reentry Resources.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, District Of Columbia
Partnership for Safety & Justice

PSJ is an advocacy organization that works to change public saftey policy in Oregon only. Publishes newsletter and Transition Support Directory (2017)  for people leaving prison in Oregon.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Oregon