Resources: Regional Advocacy Organizations

PARC corresponds with and mails a directory of these resources to prisoners, their friends and family members. We are often the first point of contact for people to connect with prisoners' rights organizations, community organizations, prison literature and arts projects, family and visiting resources, health care and legal resources, parole and pre-release resources, and the prison abolition movement.

Download a PDF copy of the 2023 edition linked here.

Resource Category
Alabamians for Fair Justice

Alabamians for Fair Justice is a coalition made up of formerly incarcerated individuals, family members of those currently or recently serving time in Alabama’s prisons, advocates, and civil justice organizations. Join the coalition and receive updates through their website. Serves Alabama only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Alabama
California Families to Abolish Solitary Confinement

CFASC is dedicated to stopping the inhumane treatment of prisoners within the California penal system, especially those held in solitary confinement. Their ultimate goal is to end the use of solitary confinement. CFASC is primarily an organization working with family members. Serves Californians only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, California
California Prison Focus

Human and civil rights group that investigates conditions in the California SHUs (control/isolation units), organizes and advocates for prisoners' rights, and provides self-help legal materials. Their quarterly newspaper, Prison Focus, is distributed free to SHU prisoners, $8 a year to other prisoners, and $20 a year to all others. Serves California only; will send newspaper nationally.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, California
California's Parole Suitability HEARING SUPPORT

Provides individual assistance in preparing for upcoming parole suitability hearings. Can also assist the support network (family, friends) with information of how to support their incarcerated loved one during the preparation time. Members will review hearing transcripts from past parole board hearings and provide suggestions on how to improve performance before the Board. Serves only individuals in California. 

Regional Advocacy Organizations, California
Clemency Project

The University of Minnesota Law School’s Clemency Project advocates for individuals serving disproportionately long prison sentences, with the primary goal of obtaining reductions in these sentences. It is an integrated program, involving individual representation, impact litigation, advocacy and research aimed at connecting law students directly to the human realities of mass incarceration. Serves Minnesota only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Minnesota
Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition

CCJRC publishes a free quarterly newsletter, and a 250-page reentry guide for parolees in Colorado titled Getting On After Getting Out: A Re-entry Guide for Colorado ("Go Guide").  This book provides extensive information to help people prepare for release and successfully reintegrate back into their families and communities.  The cost is $10 + $3.50 S&H. Serves individuals in Colorado only. 

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Colorado
Colorado CURE

All volunteer nonprofit criminal justice advocacy international organization. CURE is recognized as a leading organization making efforts to reduce crime through criminal justice reform.


Regional Advocacy Organizations, Colorado
Community Alliance on Prisons

A coalition that focuses on alternatives to incarceration, prison reform legislative issues, community education, and effective interventions for all of Hawaii’s lawbreakers. CAP’s goal is to educate the community on best practices and proven strategies that preserve human dignity, reform our criminal justice system, and motivate the greater community to take action on these important issues. Serves individuals in Hawai'i only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Hawaii
Correctional Association of New York

Founded in 1844, the Correctional Association of New York (CA) is an independent non-profit organization that advocates for a more humane and effective criminal justice system and a more just and equitable society. CA has several working projects, including the Coalition for Women Prisoners, the Drop the Rock Coalition (downsizing the prison system), Release Aging People in Prison Campaign, and the Juvenile Justice Coalition. Only serves individuals in New York. 

Regional Advocacy Organizations, New York
Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund

Assistance is generally limited to providing basic disability civil rights informational materials and referrals, with attention to CDCR state prisoners. DREDF does not provide assistance with individual disability benefits applications or denial of Social Security Disability benefits. Serves people in California only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, California
Disability Rights Florida

Services for individuals with disabilities in Florida only.  Can only support with issues directly related to your disabilities - no other legal advice or support available. Florida only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Florida
Ex-Offender Re-Entry Services Guide

The 16-page Ex-Offender Re-Entry Services Guide (last updated 1/2020) has been designed to enhance and expand services to ex-offenders in Idaho, and assist in their re-entry into the State's work force. Contains local office information for Idaho Dept. of Labor. Available for download. Only serves people in Idaho. 

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Idaho
Florida Cares

Florida Cares is dedicated to improving the lives of the incarcerated through programs, advocacy, education and visitation. The organization offers education on how to effectively communicate with the Florida Department of Corrections Administration. Serves Floridians only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Florida
Forever Family, Inc.

Foreverfamily is a nonprofit organization committed to empowering children and families impacted by parental incarceration throughout the state of Georgia. Our programs and services focus on fostering positive parent-child relationships and meeting the unique needs of these individuals. We offer comprehensive case management, family strengthening initiatives, and provide a family visitation program to facilitate monthly visits between children and their incarcerated mothers. Serves Georgia only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Georgia
Fortune Society

The Fortune Society’s vision is to create a world where all who are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated can become positive, contributing members of society. They do this through a holistic, one-stop model of service provision. Their continuum of care, informed and implemented by professionals with cultural backgrounds and life experiences similar to those of their participants, helps ensure each individual’s success. The Fortune Society serves approximately 7,000 individuals annually via three primary New York City-area locations: their service center in Long Island City, and both The Fortune Academy and Castle Gardens in West Harlem. Also publishes The Fortune News twice per year, which is free to those incarcerated in NY. Serves people in New York only.



Regional Advocacy Organizations, New York
Foundation for the Mid South (Mississippi Reentry Guide )

This 196-page Mississippi Reentry Guide is intended to provide essential information and resources about services to ex-offenders and those that support them. Their goal is to ensure that those leaving incarceration will have an easier and more successful transition back into their community. Serves people in Mississippi only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Mississippi
Friends Committee on Legislation of California

Quaker-founded group that advocates and lobbies for CA state laws that are just, compassionate, and respectful of the inherent worth of every person. Staff can answer questions about legislative matters by phone or letter.  Serves Californians only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, California
Friends of Iowa Women Prisoners

Friends of Iowa Women Prisoners mission is to bring together those concerned about women in the Iowa correctional system and provide education on how to best advocate on their behalf. They support a variety of programming to incarcertated women and also award scholarships that allow women to take college credit classes while incarcerated. Serves Iowa women only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Iowa
Friends Outside

Friends Outside provides services and support to visitors at each California State Prison, and are located outside the prison walls but on prison grounds (usually adjacent to the visitor parking lots). Visitor Centers provide childcare, transportation, information and resources, and a restful and welcoming place to stop for a moment before and after visits. Does not usually respond to letters. Only serves people in California. 

Regional Advocacy Organizations, California
Hawai‘i Friends of Restorative Justice

Hawai‘i Friends of Restorative Justice envisions a humanitarian justice system that provides processes for hope, healing and rehabilitation. They train and hire incarcerated peer educator tutors, offer advocacy training and providing research and education on evidence based practices that rehabilitate, heal and give hope. They also offer re-entry services. Serves Hawai'i only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Hawaii
Hope Prison Ministry South Dakota

Hope Prison Ministry assists men and women leaving prisons in South Dakota with clothing, housing, transportation, and food to support them in making a new start and re-establishing themselves in society. Offers fellowship and friendship beyond the walls. Serves South Dakota only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, South Dakota
Human Rights Coalition

The Human Rights Coalition (HRC) advocates for abolishment of solitary confinement in Pennsylvania prisons. They also publish the HRC Legal Pamphlet Series, other pamphlets and information letters, and the “PA Prison Directory Action Guide” (2009) (too many pages for them to print & mail, but available for download on their website). Serves Penn. only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Pennsylvania
Humanity for Prisoners

Humanity for Prisoners, in collaboration with strategic partners, works one-on-one with people in prison to provide personalized services which empower them to receive support and assistance. Key areas of focus include: navigating the prison system, advocating for healthcare, gaining access to public documents, preparing for parole board hearings, and reconnecting with lost family and friends. Serves Michigan only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Michigan
Idaho Justice Project

Idaho Justice Project elevates system-involved persons in partnership with citizens, nonprofits, justice stakeholders, and government officials to improve Idaho’s justice system using organizing, public education, collaboration, and advocacy. They are focused on reducing the amount of incarcerated people in Idaho and reinvesting the funds to social services that target mental health and drug addiction services. They also support rehabilitation services in prison using evidence-based programs and empower returning citizens to succeed with achievable probation and parole requirements. Serves Idaho only. 

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Idaho
Illinois Prison Project

Through advocacy, public education, and direct representation of thousands of needlessly incarcerated people, the Illinois Prison Project brings hope to and fights in community with incarcerated people and their loved ones for a brighter, more humane, more just system for us all. They provide direct representation to people in the Illinois Department of Corrections, train and support attorneys who provide direct representation, and empower incarcerated people and their families to advocate for themselves.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Illinois
Illinois Prisoner Rights Coalition

Serves incarcerated people and their loved ones by offering a rapid response support system to address rights violations and injustices that occur in Illinois jails and prisons for people in immediate danger and ongoing case management. They provide support and intervention in instances of abuse, neglect, and violations of civil and human rights. Services are free to incarcerated community members and their loved ones. Serves Illinois only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Illinois
Incarcerated Individuals Legal Assistance Project

The Incarcerated Individuals Legal Assistance Project (ILAP) is a student run, pro-bono organization that provides free legal research to incarcerated individuals. Under the guidance of an experienced appellate attorney, students aid incarcerated individuals on a variety of legal issues, from post-conviction relief and ineffective assistance of counsel claims to tort claims and family law. Primarily serves Indiana but may be able to assist incarcerated people in other states. 

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Indiana
Iowa Cure

Iowa CURE is a multi-issue, membership-based organization which brings individuals concerned about the correctional system together to work for change both inside and outside prison walls in order to promote healing or restorative justice within the community. Serves Iowa only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Iowa
Jail and Prison Services at New York Public Library

The NYPL's Correctional Library Services publishes "Connections", the most exhaustive guide and directory of resources in New York City available to help people when they are leaving correctional facilities. The guidebook is free to those incarcerated in New York State prisons and local jails, with mailed copies prioritized for soon-to-be-released individuals.  Aquí encontrará una traducción al español disponible como un archivo PDF. Personas que están encarceladas pueden solicitar hasta 40 páginas impresas de "Conexiones" a la vez (que se enviarán por carta), escribiendo a: NYPL Correctional Services, 445 Fifth Ave, NY, NY 10016. Serves individuals in New York only.


Regional Advocacy Organizations, New York
Legal Aid Society Prisoner's Rights Project

The Prisoner’s Rights Project (PRP) protects and enforces the legal rights of New York City and New York State prisoners through litigation, advice, and assistance to individual prisoners. PRP does not deal with criminal cases or sentences or matters related to parole. Serves New York only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, New York