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PARC corresponds with and mails a directory of these resources to prisoners, their friends and family members. We are often the first point of contact for people to connect with prisoners' rights organizations, community organizations, prison literature and arts projects, family and visiting resources, health care and legal resources, parole and pre-release resources, and the prison abolition movement.

Download a PDF copy of the 2018 Resource Guide.

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ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project

The ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project advocates for pregnant women while incarcerated to receive the reproductive health services that are needed. Prisoners can write to them for a “Know Your Rights” fact sheet.

Women's Organizations and Resources
Action Committee for Women in Prison

The Action Committee for Women in Prison advocates for the humane and compassionate treatment of all incarcerated women everywhere, and works for the release of all women who are unjustly imprisoned, including individual women prisoners who pose no danger to society. They also strive to reduce the over reliance on incarceration by shifting the focus from punishment to rehabilitation and restorative justice. The group was started by Gloria Killian, who was exonerated in 2002 and released from prison after serving more than 16 years on a sentence of 32 years-to-life for a crime she did not commit.

Women's Organizations and Resources
California Coalition for Women Prisoners

CCWP is a grassroots social justice organization, with members inside and outside prison, that challenges the institutional violence imposed on women, transgender people, and communities of color by the prison industrial complex (PIC). The struggle for racial and gender justice is central to dismantling the PIC and CCWP prioritizes the leadership of the people, families, and communities most impacted in building this movement. CCWP also visits women prisoners in CA and produces a newsletter “The Fire Inside,” free to women prisoners.

L.A. Chapter – PO Box 291585, Los Angeles, CA  90029

Women's Organizations and Resources, California
Center on Wrongful Convictions - Women's Project

The Center of Wrongful Convictions Women's Project monitors potential cases of wrongfully convicted women across the country, facilitates the sharing of information about such cases, and educates the public about relevant issues. They consider cases in which he person seeking assistance must be in no way responsible for the crimes of which she was convicted, and the trial must be completed and have resulted in a conviction and sentence.

Women's Organizations and Resources
Chicago Books to Women in Prison

Chicago Books to Women in Prison is an all-volunteer, donation-funded 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that distributes paperback books (including Spanish books) free of charge to incarcerated women nationwide, including transwomen in men's prisons. They do not send books to jails outside of Cook County, IL. They send three books in a package. Please provide several options of genre or subject matter. 

Women's Organizations and Resources
Hastings Women’s Law Journal

Since 1989, the Hastings Women's Law Journal has provided a forum for voices outside the traditional scope of legal academic scholarship. They offer and maintain an inclusive space for feminism, race theory, queer theory, multi-culturalism, animal rights, disability rights, language rights, international human rights, criminal defendants' rights and human rights of people in prison, among others. They are actively seeking submissions from women in prison about their experiences. Contact them for further info.

Women's Organizations and Resources
Justice Now

Justice Now focuses on the needs of women prisoners. They work on alternative sentencing; document human rights abuses in prison; provide legal services around women's healthcare access, and offer assistance with compassionate release. Their collect call line (for women inside) is 510-832-4357, 1pm-4pm, Tuesday-Friday.

Women's Organizations and Resources
National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women

The Clearinghouse assists defense teams on cases involving domestic violence survivors charged with crimes related to their abuse. They do not provide direct legal representation or advice or any social services, but rather provides information and resources to defense teams at any stage of the legal process in an effort to increase the likelihood of a better – and more just – outcome. A very small nonprofit organization, they do what they can to answer requests for assistance promptly, but responding to letters may take a long time, so it's best to call. They accept collect calls from incarcerated victims of battery, and have Spanish-speakers on staff (personas que hablan español en el personal).

Women's Organizations and Resources
Women's Prison Book Project

The Women’s Prison Book Project (WPBP) provides women and transgender persons in prison with free reading materials covering a wide range of topics from law and education (dictionaries, GED, etc.) to fiction, politics, history, and women’s health. Women prisoners only and no jail requests. WPBP also has a free resource guide for women and trans prisoners and a newsletter which publishes prisoner articles. Ofrecen materiales de lectura en Español.

Women's Organizations and Resources