Resources: Regional Advocacy Organizations

PARC corresponds with and mails a directory of these resources to prisoners, their friends and family members. We are often the first point of contact for people to connect with prisoners' rights organizations, community organizations, prison literature and arts projects, family and visiting resources, health care and legal resources, parole and pre-release resources, and the prison abolition movement.


Resource Category
Prisoner Reentry Institute

The Prisoner Reentry Institute (PRI) of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice is a policy advocacy organizations with several publications on topics including solitary confinement, women in prison, housing for justice-involved people, pre-trial practice, and access to education for people returning from prison. In March 2019, it published Mapping the Landscape of Higher Education in New York State Prisons, the first of its kind in examining both the history and scope of college-in-prison programs in New York state. The PRI has other publications available; ask for their list of research and publications. Most research focused on New York.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, New York
Prisoners' Legal Services of New York

PLSNY provides free legal services to New York State prisoners. Also publishes Pro Se newsletter six times per year for prisoners in New York State prisons, providing information and analysis on recent developments in prison law. To subscribe, send a subscription request with prisoner's name, DIN number, and facility to: Pro Se, 114 Prospect Street, Ithaca, NY 14850. Past issues of Pro Se from 2002-2016 are downloadable from their website. Write for the office that serves the prison near you. Serves New York state only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, New York
Prisoners' Rights Office

This section of the Vermont Office of the Defender General handles prisoners' rights cases. Serves people in Vermont only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Vermont
Prisoners’ Legal Services of Massachusetts

Prisoners’ Legal Services provides legal representation and administrative advocacy in civil (non-criminal) matters related to prisoners’ treatment in Massachusetts prisons and jails, and upon release on parole. Only serves indigent or poor, current or former Mass prisoners in issues including inadquate medical or mental health care, assaults or violence by staff, unsafe or inhumane conditions in Mass jails or prisons, arbitrary use of isolation, and/or unfair denial or revocation of parole. Serves people in Mass. only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Massachusetts
Project AVARY

Project AVARY offers long-term support and enrichment for children and youth in the San Francisco Bay Area with a parent in prison or jail. The program services include a summer camp, monthly outings, leadership training, and family support. Write for further details.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, California
Project Rebound

Project Rebound is a program to help formerly incarcerated students prepare, apply, enroll and graduate with a degree from SF State University. The program offers academic and financial counseling, peer mentoring and tutoring, and career placement. Has programs at SF State, CSU Bakersfield, CSU Fresno, CSU Fullerton, CSU Los Anglees, CSU Sacramento, CSU Riverside, CSU San Bernadino, and San Diego State. Write to SF State for program information and addresses across state. Serves released Californians only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, California
Project Return

Project Return equips former offenders with the education, coaching, and support services necessary to gain employment and begin a new life. Project Return conducts pre-release programs in correctional facilities to prepare inmates for their release dates. Serves Tennessee only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Tennessee
Promise of Justice Initiative

Legal services nonprofit that advocates for humane, faire, and equal treatment of individuals in jails and prison. Has a prison conditions project fighting to end the death penalty and solitary confinement in Louisiana prisons. Has litigated issues including medical care at Angola, inhumane heat, and conditions in Baton Rouge Parish prison, and juveniles serving LWOP sentences. Serves people in Louisiana only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, Louisiana
Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos

The Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos Prison Project is dedicated to providing cultural and spiritual education, support, and hope to incarcerated individuals. The Project advocates for prison policy reform and programs that reduce recidivism, support re-entry, and reunify families. Our educational materials are sent nationally in responding to mail requests. Serves Californians only.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, California
Stanford Justice Advocacy Project

Represents people serving unjust three strikes sentences for minor crimes, assists released prisoners successfully reentering their communities, and advocates for fairer and more effective criminal justice policies in California and across the country.  Only serves Californians; expect delays; will not respond if they cannot serve you.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, California