Resources: Newsletters and Magazines

PARC corresponds with and mails a directory of these resources to prisoners, their friends and family members. We are often the first point of contact for people to connect with prisoners' rights organizations, community organizations, prison literature and arts projects, family and visiting resources, health care and legal resources, parole and pre-release resources, and the prison abolition movement.

Download a PDF copy of the 2018 Resource Guide.

Resource Category
Denver Anarchist Black Cross

The Denver Anarchist Black Cross exists to contribute to the defense of social movements, both internally and externally, working against oppression everywhere. Questions, concerns, comments, ideas, and/or wishes to collaborate or participate, please contact Denver ABC at the above address.

Newsletters and Magazines
Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons

Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons (MIM) is a revolutionary antiimperialist group fighting criminal injustice, helping prisoners to organize and educate themselves. Sends books to prisoners, and offers prisoners a free subscription to their newspaper Under Lock & Key. Write to MIM for a free prisoner subscription. May not timely respond to letters.

Newsletters and Magazines
News & Letters

News & Letters is a Marxist-Humanist newspaper published by the News and Letters Committees, an organization of Marxist-Humanists who stand for the abolition of capitalism, whether in its private property or state property form. It is published bi-monthly, and features articles by prisoners and others on the prison struggle. Free to prisoners.

Newsletters and Magazines
Prisoner Express

Prisoner Express promotes rehabilitation by offering inmates information, education and the opportunity for creative self-expression in a public forum. Their semi-annual newsletter contains a description of various projects including poetry, essay writing, art, math, history, book club and chess programs. Prisoner Express also coordinates distance learning programs as well as a prisoner art program. Some of their distance learning programs include World History, a US History reading group,and a Math Education module.

Newsletters and Magazines
Slingshot Magazine

Slingshot is a quarterly, independent, radical newspaper published in the East Bay since 1988 by the Slingshot Collective. Subscriptions are free to USA prisoners.  Accepts submissions of articles, artwork, calendar items, spots to add to the radical contact list, suggestions for distribution, and thoughts about what they should be doing next.

Newsletters and Magazines
South Chicago ABC Zine Distro

Offers a wide variety of political zines at low cost to prisoners. Specializes in helping get the truth out of the gulags, in zine form. Supports prisoner initiatives such as prison labor unions. Also offers zines for women prisoners. English only.

Newsletters and Magazines