Mumia Abu Jamal's reaction to Oscar Grant Killing

[col. writ. 1/17/09]  (c) '09 Mumia Abu-Jamal
    Like you, I've seen the searing phone-camera tape of the killing of 22-year-old Oscar Grant, of Oakland, California.
    And although it's truly a terrible thing to see, it's almost exceeded by something just as shocking.  That's been how the media has responded to this police killing, by creating a defense of error.

Leonard Peltier ATTACKED!!!

Leonard Peltier was attacked on January 20th very soon after his transfer to USP-Canaan in Waymart, Pennsylvania.

Demand Justice for Oscar Grant and All Arrestees..

In the wake of the brutal murder of Oscar Grant by Bart Police
Officer Johannes Mehserle on New Years Day, thousands gathered in
Oakland on January 7th in order to pour their outrage into the streets.
The Oakland uprisings that followed showed the spirit and anger not
just to this officer and bart police, but to the entire system,
especially targeting police and corporate power.  The community of
Oakland understands that racism and brutality accompanies the current
system, and are organizing against it.   Police  repression that

Protest BART Police Murder: Oakland City Hall 1-14-09----4 pm

Wednesday, January 14  Oakland City Hall  4 pm
Action Support For Coalition Against Police Executions

National Day of Nonviolent Action

BART Police Brutality: BART Police Shoot and Kill Man at Fruitvale BART Station

In the early hours of January 1st, BART police shot and killed a 22
year old man, Oscar Grant, on the platform of the Fruitvale BART
station in Oakland. Witnesses report that Grant was "lying on his
stomach with his hands out in a non-threatening position when he was
shot". Police have confirmed Grant was unarmed and have suggested the
shooting was an accident. Grant lived in Hayward and leaves behind a
4-year-old daughter.

BART officials have not released the name of the officer who


Ths SF8 went back to court on December 17th--it was concluded that the Preliminary Hearing will start June 8, 2009, and conclude September 3. The Preliminary Hearing is the process to determine whether or not there are grounds for the case to go to trial.

Movimiento Laicos para America Latina (MLAL)/Qalauma, El Alto, Bolivia hiring 2 positions

Movimiento Laicos para America Latina (MLAL) is an Italian NGO working worldwide to promote sustainable change. In Bolivia, it focuses on food security issues and human rights, including the development of Qalauma, a new centre for young offenders, which is based on the Brazilian restorative justice prison model APAC (Association for the Protection and Assistance to the Condemned). MLAL is responsible for the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the centre.

Stay of Execution granted to Troy Davis

Amnesty International announces the stay of execution granted to Troy Davis by the US Supreme Court's 11th Circuit Court of Appeals!

from Amnesty International's public announcement:

I am delighted to share some good news with you! Troy Davis
received a stay of execution based on a new last-minute appeal filed
this past Wednesday to the federal appeals court in Atlanta. As a
result, he will not be executed on Monday, October 27th, as originally

NEW RELEASE "Tulia Texas"

"Tulia Texas" film by California Newsreel


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