PARC corresponds with and mails a directory of these resources to prisoners, their friends and family members. We are often the first point of contact for people to connect with prisoners' rights organizations, community organizations, prison literature and arts projects, family and visiting resources, health care and legal resources, parole and pre-release resources, and the prison abolition movement.

Download a PDF copy of the 2018 Resource Guide.

Resource Category
RedBird Books-to-Prisoners

RedBird Books-to-Prisoners is dedicated to providing Ohio prisoners with free books and reading materials. Send requests by subject. Only serves Ohio prisoners.

Educational Resources, Free Books Programs
Reentry Council of the City and County of San Francisco

The SF Reentry Council publishes a 216-page reentry resource guide entitled Getting Out and Staying Out, for prisoners returning to the San Francisco Bay area. Write to the above address for a free copy (also downloadable from their website).

Regional Advocacy Organizations, California
Reinvestigation Project

Accepts cases of actual innocence for felony convictions in Manhattan and the Bronx. The client is assigned to OAD on appeal; DNA and non-DNA cases; no sentence requirements. Cases are randomly assigned by the court, and consist of indigent defendants who were convicted in the Bronx and Manhattan. At this time, the Reinvestigation Project is not funded to accept cases that have not been assigned to the office on direct appeal.

Legal Resources, Innocence Projects
Rock of Ages Prison Ministry

Offers ministry outreach to prisons, schools, and the military as well as a New Testament correspondence study course through their Prisoners Bible Institute. Operates internationally.

Religious Programs / Spiritual Resources
Rocky Mountain Innocence Center

Accepts cases of actual innocence in Nevada, Wyoming or Utah; DNA and non-DNA cases; seven or more years left to serve on sentence; must be completely innocent; significant new evidence must be available to prove the prisoner’s innocence.

Legal Resources, Innocence Projects
Rogue Liberation Library

The Rogue Liberation Library meets monthly to read letters and send books directly to people in federal and state prisons in OR, CA, ID, TX, and NV only.

Educational Resources, Free Books Programs
Root & Rebound

Publishes three 100 page Reentry PlanningToolkits: one for people in reentry and with arrest records, one for family members, and one for reentry service providers. The toolkit is not intended to give legal advice, but rather general legal information about people’s rights in reentry.  Also publishes a 1211 page manual, the Roadmap to Reentry legal guide. Runs a phone hotline M-F for questions, and accepts legal/confidential mail - write for attorney name and CBN.

Rehabilitation / Nonviolence Programs
San Quentin News

San Quentin News is a 20-page monthly newsletter written, edited, and produced by prisoners incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison. The SQ News encourages prisoners, staff, or others outside the institution to submit articles, poems, artwork and letters to the editor for possible inclusion. To receive a mailed copy of the SQ News, send $1.61 in postage. This process should be repeated every month for each new edition.

Vendors and Publishers
Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos

The Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos Prison Project is dedicated to providing cultural and spiritual education, support, and hope to incarcerated individuals. The Project advocates for prison policy reform and programs that reduce recidivism, support re-entry, and reunify families.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, California
Sentencing and Justice Reform Advocacy (SJRA) Advocate

SJRA Advocate contains useful and timely information on California prisoner and prison issues. Prisoners may obtain 6 issues (one year) of SJRA Advocate for $12 (or 25 Forever stamps), or 4 stamps for a single issue. For all others the cost is $15 for 6 issues.

Regional Advocacy Organizations, California